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Competition law seeks to protect free, open and fair competition. Competition is good for consumers because it results in lower prices, new products of a better quality and more choice. It is also good for fair-dealing businesses, which flourish when markets are competitive.

In The Competition (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2012, prohibits anti-competitive behaviour, namely anti-competitive agreements between businesses and the abuse of a dominant position in a market. We have produced 'A Quick Guide' to Channel Islands competition laws which explains the types of behaviour that may be in breach of competition law and 'A Compliance Guide' to give businesses further advice. The laws also require certain mergers and acquisitions to be notified to us for approval.

Guernsey's competition law applies to all individuals and businesses, trades and professional associations, States departments and public bodies insofar as they are carrying on commercial activities. 

Making a Complaint

If having read 'A Quick Guide' you want to raise a concern with us, our guideline on Making a Complaint explains the next steps to take, and our guideline on Investigation Procedures explains how we assess complaints to see if there are to commence an investigation.


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